Http full form | HTTP Full Form in Computer

H- Hyper



P- Protocol

Hyper text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Http full form | HTTP Full Form in Computer. http is a networking protocol used for distributed, collaborative ,hypermedia information system. http is the the foundation of of data communication for World Wide Web (WWW),it means that it transfer the data text, images, audio ,video etc


Http full form

in other words, http establishes communication between different system to to transfer the hypertext from client -end to the server -end. it basically allowed transmission. of data from a web server to a web browser in order to display web pages to the user.

http is also know as ‘a stateless system’ because each command is executed separately, without using the reference of the previous command.

How does HTTP work

Http full form | HTTP Full Form in Computer. http works in the request and response cycles of the silent requesting the web page. suppose you want to access any web page from the server. using your web browser you enter http:// in the browser’s URL bar before the domain. which tell the browser to the connect over http. the http get request is generated by the browser and sent across the internet.

Http full form

as soon as the original server receives the http request. it generates an http response back to the user’s browser. a web page will be provided on the browser. if there is a problem with the http request or response. you will have status code on your browser so that you can better troubleshoot the issue.

http is considered a less secure connection. it is because http requests are sent to the host server in the plain text. whatever the user has entered into the text fields of the webpage.this is risky in the cash where the user enters important information such a credit card details or any other personal details. hackers are anyone who is monitoring a session can easily read text data send to received over HTTP.

it can be implemented with other protocols on the Internet or other networks.