National flower of India | national flower of india lotus

National flower of India

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Indian national interest is Lotus, whose scientific name is nuciferiya nelum.

National flower lotus essay

Lotus flowers are considered sacred interest in India and hold unique places in the art and mythology of ancient Indian.

Indian lotus national interest

Lotus flowers have become a symbol of Indian culture that are profitable since ancient times.

This is a holy flower and has a special place in ancient Indian arts and legends and has become a holy symbol of Indian culture since time immemorial. India is full of trees and plants. Currently available data ranks 10th in the world and 4th in Asia in plant diversity. Of the 70 percent geographical region surveyed so far, 47,000 plant species have been explained by a botanical survey against India.

Indian national interest

Lotus leaf size is around 100 cm. These leaves are very useful. The most important and popular part of this lotus is interest.

Which is the top part of Lotus. The flower form is a triangle. Contains many seeds. It’s just because the flowers made by Lotus identity.

Indian national interest

Lotus is considered the most holy interest. Dewi Lakshmi, Dewi Wealth, also in lotus flowers. Lotus Flower is considered a symbol of wealth and knowledge. Believed. That Lord Brahma Ji was born from Lotus. Even today people use Lotus for worship.

People use flowers in Lakshmi Puja. They believe. That Lakshmi’s eyes really like lotus flowers. Lotus is very soft. It’s not just soft with the structure but also naturally.


Lotus is used for decoration and medicine. Lotus is used for good work. This makes Kamal feel proud of himself. Kamal was very disappointed to see his abuse.

The national interest of a country is associated with the history of culture and heritage of a nation. This means that it strengthens the national interest image in the world and has a big role in maintaining the true quality of the country. Lotus is our National Indian interest.

This is a flower that is growing water, often called ‘Padma Phool’ in Sanskrit and has been given a holy place in Indian culture. It has become an integral part of Indian culture since ancient times. According to the main features of Indian mythology, Lotus represents the Indian identity and the core values ​​of the Indian soul.

Lotus is a symbol of spirituality, success, wealth, wisdom, and brightness. The most important thing about Lotus is growing in a pond or muddy place. Lotus, on the other hand, symbolizes purity of the heart and mind. The ‘Lotus’ national flower or lily of this water is aquatic plant from the Nymphaea species, it has extensive floating leaves and bright fragrant flowers that only grow in shallow water.

Lotus leaves are spacious and floating and the stem is elongated, where air is collected. Lotus flowers have many petals, which overlap proportionally. Paved horizontally through mud under water. This gives us the pleasure of seeing Lotus maintained by calm beauty, such as flowers blooming on the surface of the water in the pool.


Lotus stems are underground in muddy land on the underwater surface. The structure is different from all flowers and has a very small root that functions with rhizome assistance. Lotus flowers have stalks, on the stalk are lotus flower leaves.

The stem, the Rhizomatous stem is lifted on the stem – the stalk is green, long, round and hollow. Stalk 2, 3 cm above the surface of water and leaves and flowers on the water. The stalk has pores that help Lotus to live in water. The surface of the leaves wax.

The main part of the plant is the flowers, which are very interesting, which is especially pink or white. Flowers consist of fine petals. Bud Lotus has a pointed form. It looks like the water comes out of the eye.

Petals raised. The flowers bloom in the morning and still bloom for three days before the pollination stops immediately after sunset occurs. The yellow part where the seed develops after conception. The seeds are hard, oval and brown.


Along with its beauty, Lotus Flower has a lot of medicinal properties. Every part of this plant is consumed. Petals are often used for ornament purposes. Mature leaves are often used for food.

In India, eating in lotus leaves is considered beneficial for health. The leaves are used as vegetables in most East Asian countries such as China, Korea and Indonesia.

Rhizome boiled, chopped and fried, used as a salad. It’s rich in fiber, which contains elements such as B1, B2, B6, and vitamin C. important minerals such as potassium, manganese, phosphorus and copper are quite popular in the form of lotus seeds and often eaten raw. Lotus Seed Compote is a common material in Asian dessert such as rice flour and daifuku pudding.

National flower lotus essay

Lotus has a lot of curative properties in traditional medicine. Lotus tea is used to cure heart disease. It has many properties, where it helps stop blood flow from injury. Lotus roots are useful for the stomach and reproductive organs. This is good for healthy fetal development during pregnancy.

Lotus roots are used in the treatment of health problems such as sore throat and skin pigmentation problems, infectious diseases such as chicken pox and diarrhea. Lotus seeds are used to cure kidney disease and spleen. Lotus leaves are used to wrap other foods, thus maintaining the freshness of the food.