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what is the full form of who in english 

Who full form. Today we will get information about WHO World Health Organization.WHO is the United Nations specialized agency for health.WHO World Health Organization provides support in health matters and issues guidelines related to health services.

WHO started working from 7 April 1948, this date is now celebrated every year as World Health Day.

There are members of 194 countries of the world and WHO has offices in one hundred and fifty countries.

WHO is an intergovernmental organization and it works closely with the Health Ministry of its member countries.

What is the full form of India?

India became a member of WHO on 12 January 1948. The regional office of South East Asia is located in New Delhi.

Friends, the total number of smallpox cases registered in India in 1967 was about 65% of all cases in the world, out of which 26225 people died.

In 1967, the WHO started a program to end smallpox, which was eradicated in 1977 by an effort by the WHO and the Government of India.

India started the fight against polio disease in 1988 under the World Bank’s funding and WHO policy to eradicate polio.

Friends, as a result of these efforts, India was placed in the list of polio free countries in 2014.

According to WHO, 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air every day. In 2019, WHO considered air pollution as the biggest health hazard.

In the aftermath of Ebola’s horrific consequences in 2014, WHO’s actions were beginning to be questioned.

In recent times, the role of WHO has also been expressed by many countries of the world for coronavirus.

WHO supports eliminating tobacco from the world, so WHO does not recruit cigarette workers.

After the establishment of WHO, this organization has done many things to improve health for the people all over the world. This organization has conducted awareness campaigns in different countries. And through advertisements, people have been made aware for diseases like polio, cholera, HIV, malaria, typhoid, smallpox, yellow fever, Ebola, coronavirus, etc. among the people.

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